Leather Cleaning Set

Leather is a living material, characterized by different shades; that is the reason why it is necessary to take care of it impeccably, especially when dealing with luxury leather jacket.

There are specific products that improve the fabric performance in terms of impermeability, to enhance the fabric endurance to possible critical issues. One of these is the cleaning kit for handmade leather jackets by Alfredo Rifugio.

The cleaning set box includes 1 brass bristels brush, 1 brightening spray solution, 1 rubber brush, 1 shampoo spray solution (100% natural – no gas).

We’re delighted to inform you that our box is gifted for each jacket purchased.

The cleaning set box for handmade leather jackets can be bought also singularly, so properly clean your suede/nubuk jacket to keep its unique look.

1 product

1 product