Conceived, Cut & Crafted By Artisans

Made entirely by hand in our very own workshop in Naples, Italy, our jackets and accessories are elevated by handcraft of the highest order.

Materials of Distinction, Masterful Craft

Each piece we craft is a marriage of material and masterful craft. We work exclusively with the worlds best tanneries who produce leathers especially for us and ensure each piece is certified for provenance and quality.

Over 80 Hours of Work in a Single Jacket

The making of a single jacket can take up to ten master craftsmen, and 80 hours of devoted labour. The passion, precision and generational expertise of our craftspeople are ingrained in every stitch.

Cut by Hand

Bespoke cutting is an art form mastered only over years of practice. Each piece that leaves our workshop has been lovingly cut by hand to ensure the integrity of the leather and the lines of the jacket are fluid and flattering.

Crafted by Hand

Working with only a needle and thread, our craftspeople stitch jackets together entirely by hand. Thousands of stitches, each with millimetre precision, are the hallmarks of handcrafted beauty in each jacket.

Finished by Hand

Every detail in every jacket is distilled to the point of perfection. Finished with hand-sewn buttonholes, pick-stitched edges and hand-attached linings, we compromise on nothing, which elevates our jackets to extraordinary.