Expressing Excellence

Since 1990, Rifugio has celebrated, expressed and invited you to experience the extraordinary. Discover our story of Italian exceptionalism, what defines our iconic, handcrafted leatherwear, and what it means to wear Rifugio…

A Legacy of Over 30 Years

Born from passion and the pursuit of excellence, Rifugio was founded in 1990 by master bespoke tailor, Alfredo Rifugio.

Alfredo Rifugio - A Master Tailor From The Age of 13

Rifugio's storied history started with our founder, Alfredo Rifugio, who began tailoring at age 13. A bespoke master tailor of over 50 years, Alfredo's artisanal acumen has lead many to label him the "king of handmade leather jackets". To this day, Alfredo stewards his eponymous brand with his son, Alfonso, and his passion is felt in every stitch.

We've Made For...

Revered for our artisanal excellence, many of the world's most renowned luxury houses have entrusted Rifugio to bring their visions of handcrafted leatherwear to life. For years, our mastery has breathed life into the world's most iconic and desirable leatherwear.

Icons of Indulgence

Using only the lightest, most luxurious leathers as the canvas for our art, Rifugio crafts icons of indulgence. Known for their soft and supple handle, exquisite hand-finished details and artisanal integrity, each piece is an invitation to experience extraordinary.

Treasured by the Discerning Few

Rifugio leatherwear has been treasured by many over the years, but few more distinguished than Pope John Paul II.  Referred by the Pope's personal pilot, Rifugio was commissioned to craft the 'White Jewel', which the Pope wore skiing and hiking.

The Art of Handcraft

Conceived, cut and crafted by artisans in our very own workshop in Naples, Italy. Our jackets and accessories are elevated by handcraft of the highest order.